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Estate Planning and Probate Attorney Helping Families in Columbia

Are you in charge of handling the estate of a deceased loved one? If so, you've probably already realized just how complicated the probate process can be. Probate administration is a large role to fill. You are responsible for several tasks, including locating heirs, conserving the deceased’s property, filing with the probate court, determining if claims against the estate are valid, filing and paying estate taxes, distributing assets and more. While the process is overwhelming, it can be made easier with the help of Paul A. Meding PA, Attorney at Law, an experienced and professional probate attorney in Columbia. I have been practicing for more than 25 years and have the knowledge necessary to help you through each step of the process if I take on your case. Of course, I understand that losing a loved one is hard enough without the legal complications, so I strive to be patient and compassionate during every interaction.

Helping Clients Through the Administration Process

As an estate administration attorney, I assist in several administrative tasks to ensure paperwork is filed correctly and on time and that all requirements are met. By guiding you through each step, I try to ensure your loved one's property and assets are not tied up in court for months due to misfiled documents or miscommunications. Some of the tasks I assist with include:
  • Taking inventory of the assets and debts
  • Distributing assets to intended recipients
  • Handling debt repayments
  • Taking care of disputes over power of attorney or wills
Perhaps you have not lost a loved one but want to ensure your assets are protected and land in the right hands upon your death. While it isn't a pleasant conversation, it is a necessary one. I can assist with the planning and writing of your last will and testament.
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