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Trusted Lawyer Helping With Family Law Cases in Columbia

Legal situations dealing with family dynamics often require a lawyer with more than one area of experience. A couple going through a divorce may need a child custody attorney, but they may also need a lawyer who is experienced in the separation of assets. If your case falls under more than one category, a family law lawyer may be most beneficial for your situation. Paul A. Meding P.A., Attorney at Law, is a family law attorney servicing the Columbia area. Since my admittance to the South Carolina Bar in 1985, I have assisted hundreds of families with their legal situations, including separation and divorce, adoption, child custody and more. In addition to professionalism and knowledge, I aim to provide empathy and understanding. Should we decide to work together, I guide you through every step of your case in hopes of receiving your desired outcome.

Types of Assistance Offered

I am practiced in a wide range of cases. If you and a spouse are divorcing and have children, I can assist you in determining whether shared custody is an option or if the children should live with one parent but have visitation with the other. In addition to custody laws, I can analyze each parent's finances to determine whether child support should be paid and in what amount. I am also experienced in the modification of divorce decrees.
Perhaps your family law situation is a happier time and you are planning to adopt a child. I have helped more than 300 families with domestic and international adoptions. My experience includes closed and open adoptions as well as those performed by stepparents or grandparents. I can even assist you if you have a need to prove paternity.

Call for a Consultation

If you need a family lawyer or help with probate law in Columbia, call Paul A. Meding P.A., Attorney at Law, at 803-779-0774. I serve the Columbia area.