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Experienced Adoption Attorney Helping Families in Columbia

The decision to adopt a child is one that many families consider over months or even years. For many, it isn't simply about taking a new baby into the home. Whether open or closed, domestic or international, adopting a child must meet certain criteria to be considered legal. Paul A. Meding P.A., Attorney at Law, an adoption lawyer in Columbia, understands the complexities surrounding this very exciting time in your life. Since 1985, I have assisted more than 300 families with adoption cases ranging from bringing a newborn into the home to adopting a stepchild. I also have experience in presiding over cases involving a grandparent adopting grandchildren or in which the adoption is being contested by the birth father. Regardless of the situation, I am always professional, compassionate and available to help my clients through every case I take on.

South Carolina Specific Laws

Laws vary depending on the state, so it is important to work with an adoption attorney that understands South Carolina's guidelines. The adoptees have rights as well, of course. Adults may be adopted, but anyone aged 14 or older must agree to the situation. In most cases, residency is required for at least three months, but this requirement can be waived in special circumstances. As you can see, adoption laws are quite complex, but should I take on your case, I am confident that we can work together to create the best outcome possible for everyone involved.

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